Some Like It Hot

If you don't like it too hot, leave out the chili peppers and sambal, it will still be a spicy indonesian inspired dish.


Start with the topping , in a frying pan , dry fry the coconut and peanuts until golden brown , tossing it so it wont burn , remove from the pan and let cool.
Mix together the soy sauce , cayenne , sambal , ginger , sugar , garlic and water , set aside , you will use this after you fried the tempeh.
In a wok or frying pan , heat the tablespoon of oil , fry the onion and garlic for one minute , add the coriander , cumin and if you use them the chili peppers , fry this for two minutes.
Add the carrots , beans and tomatoes , fry until you see the tomatoes going soft , add the stock , bring to the boil and simmer for about 10 minutes.
Heat the oil in a frying pan large enough to hold the tempeh strips in one layer.
Fry the tempeh until golden , it will soak up the oil , this is normal.
Lower the heat when you see them starting to color but fry for a few minutes more , add the soy mix , stir to coat and add to the vegetables , mix.
By now the tomatoes should have made a sauce and h.


onion, garlic, ground coriander, ground cumin, red chili pepper, peanut oil, carrots, green beans, tomatoes, vegetable stock, bean sprouts, tempeh, soy sauce, ground cayenne pepper, sambal oelek, ginger, brown sugar, water, desiccated coconut, peanuts