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Khasta Aloo Spicy Pan Fried Potatoes

Interesting variation on basic pan fries. Vary the hot stuff to taste. Ghee is definitely preferred but use oil/butter mix if you are stuck. Found the recipe on an indian mail order website (www.indianfoodsco.com). Prep time assumes you have some potatoes cooked and room temperature already.


Heat ghee in large non-stick pan until shimmering.
Add cumin and stir until fragrant.
Add coriander , tumeric , ground chile , green chile and ginger and stir , making a hot paste.
Dump in potatoes and toss until coated on all sides.
Move around into one layer and leave alone for a minute , allowing some crust to form.
Turn and repeat until crusted to your liking.
Remove from heat , squeeze lime juice over top , sprinkle salt and toss to blend.
Pour into serving dish and garnish with cilantro.
Serves 4 but i just ate most of it as a lunch.


potatoes, ghee, cumin seed, ground coriander, turmeric, dried hot chili peppers, hot green chili pepper, ginger, lime, juice of, salt, cilantro