16 Quart Chicken Corn Soup

My mom bought what she thought at the time was the biggest stockpot ever in 1998, and this is the first thing she made in it. I've always loved it and i make it when i can in my own 16 quart pot! It freezes really well, so don't be afraid to make it all. Cook the chicken a day ahead so you can refrigerate the broth to skim the fat off easier. Thanks mom!!!


Fill 16 quart stockpot half full of water.
Add chickens , leftover celery and carrot , and onion slices.
Boil until chickens are just about falling apart.
Remove chickens and allow to cool completely.
Strain broth and refrigerate overnight or until the fat floats.
Skim off most of the fat and put the broth back into the 16 quart pot.
Pick meat off the chickens and cut into small pieces , set aside.
Cook broth , additional broth , fresh celery , and potatoes until potatoes are semi-soft.
Add chicken and simmer for an additional half hour or so.
Add frozen corn and boullion and simmer until desired consistency is reached.
Serve hot or allow to cool , pack into containers , and freeze.
The longer this is allowed to sit , the better it is !.


whole chickens, celery ribs, carrot, onion, chicken broth, potatoes, celery, frozen white corn, frozen corn, chicken bouillon cubes