100 Year Old New Zealand Lamb Dish I Have Used Deer W This

A unique and exotic dish for the acquired taste of lamb . Not just any lamb only imported lamb from new zealand (because of the type of food the lamb eats) australian lamb will do as well. It has a kick so expect it. I dont recommend you using american lamb as the flavor is not the same . Around easter most stores get imported lamb from nz (i buy all of my local stores imported nz lamb to make sure i have enough for the year ) as they only carry american the rest of the year. This is over 100 years old but i said that to be safe . It was given to me by grandfather who's mother and father was one of the first white familys to move into south africa and they had new zealand lamb imported to them to their farm.


Place lamb in dish with a lid pierce with 3 / 4 inch knife all over to leave slashes 1 / 2 inch wide.
Place sliced garlic in slices that you have made in the lamb.
Pour the white wine over the lamb cover with lid.
Let sit over night 12-hrs at least refrigerated.
Place in oven and cook according to directions according to size.
Take the 2 1 / 2 cups of vinegar boil down to 1 3 / 4 to increase acidity.
While still hot add the sugar & mint let sit till cool.
Seperate in small dipping dishes to dip lamb in and enjoy.


boneless leg of lamb, vinegar, garlic clove, of fresh mint, sugar, white wine