No Bake Cookie Crumble Cheesecake

Yet another one i have not made, but have had for awhile. Sounds good and very versatile as you choose what kind of cookies to use! Also sounds extremely easy(not to mention quick) as you whip this all up in a blender and put into a storebought crust!! most of my cheesecake making has been baked ones so i hope this


In blender , sprinkle gelatin over cold milk.
Let stand 2 minutes.
Add hot milk and process at low until dissolved , about 2 minutes.
Add cream cheese , sugar and vanilla and process until blended.
Arrange mini chocolate chips in the bottom of the crust.
Pour in gelatin mixture.
Sprinkle with your favourite crushed cookies.
Chill until firm , about 2 hours.


gelatin, milk, cream cheese, sugar, vanilla extract, miniature semisweet chocolate chips, prepared graham cracker crusts, cookie