Cancer Curing Matzah Ball Soup

It may not actually cure cancer. it is probably the best soup i have ever had and make at least twice a month if not more. The recipe is easily doubled and as it sits in the fridge it gets better and better.


How to make soup:.
Shred cooled chicken breasts and place in stock pot.
Cut up celery , onion and baby carrots into bite sized pieces and add to stock pot.
Add in 3 of the 32 oz chicken stocks into pot.
Fill those containers with water and put in stock pot as well so now you should have 1 and 1 / 2 gallons of fluid in your stock pot and brimming with vegetables.
Ensure you still have room in your pot for about 8 more cups of food.
Finally add your seasonings.
Cook on medium heat for about 90 minutes or until your vegetables are tender.
Add additional salt and pepper if needed.
How to make matza balls:.
Mix together the oil and eggs.
Slowly add the matzah meal.
Add the salt , sugar and baking powder.
Refrigerate for 1 / 2 hour till firm.
With remaining 32 oz of broth pour into large pot and fill with 32 oz of water as well.
With moistened hands , make balls do not pack them or they wont cook all the way.
Add balls to water cover.
Lower heat to a slow boil.


chicken breasts, baby carrots, celery, white onion, chicken stock, kosher salt, pepper, matzo meal, eggs, oil, salt, sugar, baking powder