Pinards En Branche Sauted Spinach

Spinach lightly sautéed in butter


Pull away and discard any tough stems and blemished leaves from the spinach.
Rinse and drain the spinach.
Pour the water into a kettle and bring to the boil.
Add salt to taste and the spinach.
Stir down to wilt.
Bring to the boil , stirring occasionally , and cook about 5 minutes.
Empty the spinach into a colander and drain.
Press with the back of a wooden spoon to extract most of the liquid.
Squeeze between the hands to extract additional moisture.
Put the spinach on a flat surface and chop it coarsely.
Add nutmeg.
Put the butter in a skillet and , when it starts to brown , add the spinach.
Cook , tossing and stirring , just to heat through.


fresh spinach, water, nutmeg, butter