Make That Chicken Dance Salsa Pasta

I made this up the other night after i started to make mirjam's penne arrabiatta (#22941) but discovered i was missing a few ingredients. Like the italian dish i meant to make, this one is also spicy and loaded with garlic. I'm sure it would be even more flavourful with fresh herbs, but dried ones were all i had on hand.


Heat oil in a frying pan and saut the onions and mushrooms until soft , about two minutes.
Add the water , tomatoes , garlic , oregano , basil , parsley and hot sauce.
Simmer over low heat for 6-10 minutes or until tomatoes are soft and enough water has evaporated to form a relatively thick sauce.
Add salsa and chicken.
Simmer until heated through.
Cook pasta of your choice until al dente.
Serve sauce over hot pasta , top with parmesan cheese and freshly ground black pepper.


tomatoes, garlic, onion, button mushrooms, hot sauce, dried oregano, dried basil, fresh parsley, water, salsa, chicken breasts, olive oil, fresh ground black pepper, parmesan cheese, pasta