Meal In A Bowl Guacamole Salad

This is a great alternative to the traditional taco salad. it truly is a whole meal salad; just add hot, crusty rolls and maybe some white wine and a light desssert for a great luncheon or supper. it goes together quickly, just be sure to have the ingredients chilled. this recipe was given to me by a hispanic teacher at our school so i tend to think of it as authentic"."


To make the salad: have all ingredients chilled.
Break the lettuce into a serving bowl.
Add other ingredients except cheese.
Toss lightly with avocado dressing.
Top with grated cheese.
To make the avocado dressing: put all ingredients in the blender and blend well.


lettuce, tomatoes, pitted ripe olives, green onion, corn chips, tuna, cheddar cheese, avocado, lemon juice, sour cream, salad oil, garlic clove, sugar, chili powder, salt, tabasco sauce