A Tastee Turkee Sauce By Tubbortons

A semi homemade sauce which is delicious and fat, but now less fat, but still delicious! Mostlee.


Heat the oil to temperature in a large skillet.
When water sizzles , add 1 tbsp of the butter and the onions.
Cook until translucent.
Add the sliced garlic and combine , until fragrant.
Add the turkey and the last tbsp of butter.
While its cooking , season with salt , pepper , thyme , and worcestershire sauce.
Start off by coloring the meat with the sauce , and add more if you feel it needs it.
The meat onion mixture should be strongly flavorful to punch through your sauce.
Add the sauce gradually until a desired consistency is reached.
About 1 jar for 1lb of meat is a good rule if you are altering this recipe for more.
If you use more than 2 lbs of meat , get a second onion too.
And a bigger skillet ! once the sauce is combined , and thoroughly heated , allow to rest at a low temperature and bubble slightly to reduce it.
So make it slightly thinner the first run , and then let it thicken to your consistency.
Sauce should marry flavors well with a slightly sweet overtone.


ground turkey, white onion, garlic cloves, thyme, salt, pepper, worcestershire sauce, prego spaghetti sauce, olive oil, butter