Anything Goes Low Fat Mushroom Sauce

This tasty low-fat sauce goes great with anything!! From pork chops, to chicken, to pasta, to baked is yummy!! i think i got the basis for this recipe from light & tasty" magazine and tweaked it a bit here and there."


In large non-stick skillet , saut mushrooms and garlic in margarine until tender.
Add 1 1 / 4 cup broth , rosemary , and thyme.
Bring to boil.
Cook until reduced by two-thirds.
Add 2 / 3 cup broth , sherry or additional broth , teriyaki , and hot pepper sauce.
Cook and stir over high heat until mixture is reduced by two-thirds.
Add remaining broth , reduce heat , and simmer 5 minutes.
In bowl , combine milk powder and cornstarch.
Gradually stir in milk until well blended.
Stir milk mixture into sauce.
Bring to boil.
Cook and stir for 2 minutes , or until thickened.
Reduce heat , add cheese , mustard , and oregano.
Stir until cheese is melted.
For vegetarian use the vegetable broth.


fresh mushrooms, garlic cloves, margarine, chicken broth, dried rosemary, dried thyme, dry sherry, teriyaki sauce, hot pepper sauce, nonfat dry milk powder, cornstarch, nonfat milk, parmesan cheese, spicy brown mustard, dried oregano, salt and black pepper